Transition Process

Should we be fortunate to earn your business the following is how the transition would be handled.

Our experience has shown that success with a transition is dependent upon planning, organization, communication and execution of the transition plan itself. Follow up and flexibility to the plan also plays a significant role in exceeding expectations.

It is important to note that employees currently assigned to your location will have the opportunity to be retained assuming they can pass our hiring and screening processes. If retained, incumbents will continue to receive their current wages and benefits. A transition to a new security contractor will not impact the seniority (building or union) that they have gained from working your location.

The vast majority of our employee processing and screening will be completed on-line or on-site during our recruitment visits. We typically schedule various on-site meetings so personnel can complete the necessary tasks with minimal disruptions to their current schedule. To reassure incumbents and also to properly communicate we utilize a “Transitional Newsletter”.


Please feel free to contact us for any additional information or quotes.

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