Residential Security

residential security

Premier Security is highly regarded in the industry as a unique security provider that has developed a formula to effectively address the particular concerns of high-rise condominiums and apartment complexes. We are accustomed to developing security practices and procedures that will meet the needs of your residents and Home Owners Associations. We have the talent to staff your location with security personnel, doorman, concierge attendants and receiving room personnel.

We believe in being proactive and we understand the common tasks associated with providing service to residential buildings, which includes:

  • Foot and/or vehicle patrols
  • Unlocking of doors for deliveries
  • Conduct surveillances and monitor CCTV cameras
  • Promptly respond to emergency situations
  • Check in of visitors and guests
  • Monitor authorized move-in and move-outs
  • Monitor visitor traffic in parking areas and no-parking zones
  • Direct smokers to designated areas
  • Patrol of parking facilities
  • Open lobby doors for residents and guests
  • Escort staff to vehicles after hours
  • Assist with evacuation policies
  • Patrol of parking facilities
  • Contact taxi service for departing residents
  • Respond to suspicious packages
  • Conduct identification checks
  • Peacefully enforce no loitering policies


Please feel free to contact us for any additional information or quotes.

Premier Security Corp
500 West Madison
Suite 2750
Chicago, IL 60661

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