Commercial Security

Commercial security guard services

Commercial and corporate locations often require 24-hour, round the clock, security services to insure the safety and security of the building, its contents, as well as the corporate executives and staff inside. Premier Security understands such aspects and is prepared to build a program based on customer service, loss prevention, perimeter control, and emergency response. Premier is committed to protecting the most sensitive areas of these facilities with the utmost vigilance and expertise by working closely with facility management to develop a site-specific operational plan. Our plans will address your vulnerabilities, sensitive areas, security inefficiencies, and general operations.

We believe in being proactive and we understand the common tasks associated with providing service to commercial and corporate campus environments, which includes:

  • Check in Visitor and guests
  • Perform identification checks on building employees
  • Conduct surveillances and monitor CCTV cameras
  • Rapidly respond to elevator entrapment and/or fire emergencies
  • Conduct rounds to insure a safe environment
  • Prevent unauthorized persons from entering the facility.
  • Monitor loading dock use and prevent unauthorized parking
  • Implementing ID system for your employees


Please feel free to contact us for any additional information or quotes.

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